Fun activity for a child to learn about caring for their teeth in Virginia

Fun activity for a child to learn about caring for their teeth in Virginia

Fun activity for a child to learn about caring for their teeth in Virginia

Fun with Your Teeth

February is Children's Dental Health Month, and at Pediatric Dental Care we’re celebrating by sharing fun activities you and your child can enjoy while learning more about dental health. Starting your children with great dental habits is one of the best things you can do to set them up for a lifetime of excellent dental health. These activities will go a long way in helping your children have a great relationship with their dentist, and thinking that going to the dentist is fun! Your pediatric dentist in Virginia wants your child to be comfortable in our office, and take care of their teeth. Have fun with hands-on flossing, alphabet teeth cleaning, and a dental health science experiment.  

It’s Time to Floss! 

This Hands-On Flossing Activity from Preschool Play and Learn will make your child floss like a pro in no time! This fun activity uses things you may already have at home to teach your children why it is so important to floss. Your child will have a good time placing the pieces of “food debris” or play dough between the gaps in the ice cube tray. Then, they can use a pipe cleaner or length of yarn to floss them out! This teaches your child the importance of flossing and getting all of those little pieces of food out of the spaces between their teeth to prevent cavities. Jump over to their page and check it out!

Clean Your Teeth and Learn Your Letters!

Learning letters and cleaning teeth has never been easier with this fun activity from totschooling! Grab their cute mouth printout, and you can either laminate it or pop a piece of transparent cling film over it. Using a dry-erase marker, draw letters on the teeth for your child. Then, give them a cotton ball or even a tissue. As you call out letters, they can clean their teeth! This teaches your child the importance of cleaning every surface of their teeth while learning their letters as well! Visit their page to check it out!

For Science!

Over at Pre-K Pages, they’ve got a great science experiment that helps children understand how their drink choices affect their teeth! For this experiment, you’ll need a few different popular drinks like soft drinks (the brown ones like cola or root beer work best!), fruit juice, water, and either boiled eggs or white ceramic tiles. You put your egg or tile in a plate or cup and pour the chosen drink over the tile or egg. Leave everything to soak overnight, and have the children brush the tile or egg the next morning. Can they brush anything off? This is a fantastic activity for children to see the effects of their choices on their teeth! See the whole experiment and get step-by-step instructions here ->

At Pediatric Dental Care, your pediatric dentist in Virginia, we want every child to think coming to the dentist is as fun as doing these activities! Our state-of-the-art facilities and friendly staff will have your child smiling in no time! We’re your partner in your child’s dental health, and we want you to know this Children’s Dental Health Month that we’re here for you. Keep your children on the healthy teeth track, and schedule their exams and cleanings with us today! 

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